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Ninth Judicial Circuit Court


How Do I File a Complaint Against the FOC?

If you have a complaint about the FOC operations or employees, you can bring it to the Friend of the Court by letter or phone call. Michigan law also provides a grievance procedure a party can use when they have a complaint about FOC operations or employees. A grievance may not be used to disagree with a decision of a Judge or a FOC recommendation.

  • You can file a grievance in two ways:
    • By filing a grievance form, which you can obtain at the FOC office or
    • By stating your concerns in writing to the FOC in which you clearly identify your letter as a grievance.
  • The Friend of the Court must investigate and answer your grievance within 30 days or notify you why a response is not possible within that time.
  • If you are not satisfied with the Friend of the Court's response to your grievance, you can file a further grievance, in writing, with the Chief Circuit Court Judge within 30 days of the response.
  • The Chief Circuit Court Judge must investigate and answer your grievance within 30 days or notify you of the reason for the delay.

The FOC grievance procedure ends with the response of either the Friend of the Court or if a further grievance is filed, the Chief Circuit Court Judge.

How Do I File A Complaint About My Court Orders ?

Court orders are not covered under the FOC grievance procedure. Contact your attorney to discuss your legal options, such as a motion for re-hearing or an appeal to the Michigan Court of Appeals.

How Do I File a Complaint About The Conduct Of The Judge or the Referee?

The Judicial Tenure Commission was created to review grievances about alleged misconduct of a Judge. Anyone who has serious concerns about the conduct of a Judge or a Referee can contact:

Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission
3034 West Grand Blvd.
Suite 8-450
Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: (313) 875-5110 or Fax: (313) 875-5154

Complaints concerning your court orders should not be sent to the Judicial Tenure Commission. The Judicial Tenure Commission is not an appellate court and cannot change the content of a court order.

How Do I File A Complaint About My Attorney?

The Attorney Grievance Commission was created to investigate alleged misconduct of Michigan attorneys. Anyone who has serious concerns about the behavior of an attorney can contact:

Attorney Grievance Commission
243 West Congress, Suite 256
Marquette Building
Detroit, Michigan 48226
(313) 961-6585 or


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