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The Environmental Health Advisory Council (EHAC) meets the second Wednesday of each month at 9:00 a.m. in Conference Room D, Main Wing, Nazareth Complex. This Council serves as an informed advocacy body and sounding board for matters of policy that affect the lives of citizens who need environmental health services. In addition, it advises the Board of Commissioners on environmental matters. Appointments are made for three-year terms of office. Contact: Vern Johnson, Division Manager, Environmental Health at (269) 373-5347 or email.

Francis Bell 12/31/2017
Patricia A. S. Crowley 12/31/2017
Richard Ford 12/31/2015
David Harn 12/31/2017
Stephanie Moore Commissioner
Daniel Moyle 12/31/2016
Andrew Nieboer 12/31/2016
John O'Keefe 12/31/2015
Jim Pearson 12/31/2015
Jeff Sorensen 12/31/2015
Mike Wetzel 12/31/2017
Kevin B. Wordelman Commissioner
Vacancy 12/31/2016
Vacancy 12/31/2015
Vacancy 12/31/2017
Vacancy 12/31/2015


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