Kalamaoo County

Kalamazoo County Directories


The Kalamazoo Criminal Justice Council (KCJC) is a voluntary, multi-disciplinary, collaborative organization, established to encourage local planning activities, enhance interagency cooperation, efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation. The KCJC consists of ten voting members who are appointed by the Board of Commissioners. The KCJC meets at noon bi-monthly at appointed dates, in Room 207A of the County Administration Building. Contact: Prosecuting Attorney Jeff Getting (269) 383-8900 or email.com.

Kalamazoo County Adult Probation/Parole Department Lara Neuman
Kalamazoo County Administrator VACANT
Chief, Kalamazoo Township Police Department Timothy S. Bourgeois
Chair, Kalamazoo County Board of Commissioners John Taylor
Kalamazoo County Prosecuting Attorney Jeffrey S. Getting
Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard C. Fuller
Kalamazoo County Bar Association Defense Division vacant
Kalamazoo County Chief Circuit Judge Hon. Curtis Bell
Chief, Kalamazoo City Department of Public Safety Jeffrey Hadley
Director, Kalamazoo Community Mental Health Jeffrey Patton
Kalamazoo County Chief District Judge Hon. Richard Santoni
Chief, Portage City Police Department Richard White