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Kalamazoo County Transportation Authority

The purpose of the Kalamazoo County Transportation Authority is to plan, promote, finance, improve, enhance, and contract for public transportation service within the jurisdictional boundaries of the County of Kalamazoo. Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at the Metro Transit Administration Building, 530 N. Rose St. Contact Sean McBride, Executive Director (269) 337-8087 or mcbrides@kalamazoocity.org, or visit www.kalcountytransit.com.

Curtis Aardema 12/31/2016
Jeff Breneman 12/31/2016
Paul Ecklund 12/31/2016
John Gisler Commissioner
Martin Janssen 12/31/2017
Jack Mekemson 12/31/2016
Edie Trent 12/31/2018
Greg Rosine 01/01/2018
Linda Teeter 01/01/2018
Kevin Wordelman Commissioner
Jason Meddaugh 12/31/2017