Kalamaoo County

Area Agency on Aging Region IIIA



The second annual CENTENARIAN LUNCHEON is planned for Friday, May 18th at The Beacon Club to honor Kalamazoo County centenarians.

If you or anyone you know was born in 1918 or before, please call now at 269.373.5147 to be included on our list of invitees.

Centenarians, and a family member, friend, or caregiver, will be invited to a lovely lunch and the chance to meet peers and even reconnect with old friends! Last year, our first luncheon for 100+ year olds, was a wonderful event. It was inspirational to learn from their wisdom and a privilege to pay tribute to them.

We are very excited to support this luncheon again. If needed, transportation to and from the event can be arranged.

For more information, please call Janice at 269.373.5147.

Thank you!

Photos from the 2017 Celebrate Elderhood events and the Centenarian interview video are posted on our Facebook page.

DESCRIPTION: Celebrate Elderhood is an initiative that brings attention to the issues of aging, challenging misconceptions and showcasing how this stage of the lifecycle enriches individuals, families and the community.

GOAL: To set a community standard where elders and the people and organizations that make up the network of service providers are valued, respected and supported so that Kalamazoo County is known as a great place to grow up and grow old in.

Volunteers for Celebrate Elderhood are being coordinated by the Kalamazoo County Older Adult Advisory Council and the Kalamazoo County Area Agency on Aging IIIA.

FIDUCIARY: Kalamazoo County Advocates for Senior Issues, a non-profit 501 (C)(3) organization is the fiduciary and will be accepting grants, donations, and payment for all events.