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Application for Appointment to: Community Action Tripartite Advisory Board


The Community Action Tripartite Advisory Board shall advise the Kalamazoo County Board of Commissioners (the governing board) and advise the Health and Community Services Department on the implementation and coordination of a comprehensive Community Action program. The community Action Tripartite Advisory Board will assist the Governing Board by and through the Kalamazoo County Health and Community Services Department by serving as the advocate for the reduction of the causes, conditions and effects of poverty and shall assist in the provisions of social and economic opportunities that foster self-sufficiency for low income persons.

Certain categories need to be represented on the Community Action Tripartite Advisory Board. Please check the category which you believe applies to you:

- Any elected official currently holding office.

- Individuals from areas of business, industry, agriculture, labor, education, and religious and civic organizations located within the County.

- Individuals from any of the following categories, low-income individuals who are consumers of, or eligible for, Community Action Agency services residing in the County.


Please indicate experience and/or qualifications that would help make you an effective board member for which you have applied: