Kalamaoo County

Ninth Judicial Circuit Court


The Adult Drug Treatment Court Program diverts nonviolent felons, with substance abuse problems, from incarceration in jail and/or prison. Participants also include Department of Corrections probationers who are sentenced to the program as a condition of probation or as a probation violation, and parole violators. Participants are given an opportunity to become involved in substance abuse treatment and to comply with other requirements such as attending bi-weekly court sessions, submitting random urinalysis samples, and reporting to program staff. They must also follow up on referrals made to other community agencies, which may include the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Housing Resources, Maternal Support Services, the YWCA Sexual and Domestic Assault Programs, the Upjohn Institute for Employment Research and others. In order for a defendant to participate in the Drug Treatment Court Program, the defendant must enter a guilty plea to the charge(s). The defendant is represented by counsel during the plea process and may file a motion to set aside and dismiss the plea upon successful completion of the program. Defendants may also be sentenced to the program for a new offense, or upon a probation or parole violation.

The Family Dependency Treatment Court Program is located at The Family Division of the 9th Circuit Court, 1536 Gull Road, Kalamazoo, MI 49048. The Family Dependency Treatment Court is a court devoted to cases of child abuse and neglect that involve substance abuse by the child's parents or other caregivers. Its purpose is to protect the safety and welfare of children while giving parents the tools they need to become sober, responsible caregivers. To accomplish this, the court draws together an interdisciplinary team that works collaboratively to assess the family's situation and to devise a comprehensive case plan that addresses the needs of both the children and the parents. In this way, the court team provides children with quick access to permanency and offers parents a viable chance to achieve sobriety, provide a safe and nurturing home, and hold their families together. If you have any questions about the Family Dependency Treatment Court Program, please call (269) 385-6041.

The Restitution Program holds the juvenile offender responsible for his/her actions through procedures in which the offender is made aware of the personal consequences of the crime for the victim. It adheres to an accountability model facilitated through a service agreement and supervises both monetary restitution and community service. Offenses referred generally involve property loss or damage.

Project Lift (Larceny Intervention Program For Teens)
A juvenile first-time offender who is arrested in Portage for retail fraud III, and who is a resident of Kalamazoo County, may be eligible for referral to Project Lift, a diversionary program conducted by the Portage Community Center and the Portage Police Department. Successful completion of the program results in dismissal of the petition.

Power of Choice
The Elizabeth Upjohn Community Healing Center in collaboration with the 9th Circuit Court Family Division, offers an educational group, entitled Power of Choice, for youth who may be eligible due to issues pertaining to substance abuse. This group includes a parent orientation and participation by referred juveniles for 8 weeks. Referrals are primarily made out of the Intake Department as an alternative to formal court involvement.

Dispute Resolution Services
The Intake Department may refer some matters to Dispute Resolution Services (DRS) which is a program designed to reduce and resolve conflicts in the community using a restorative justice model. Cases, both formal and non-formal, where there is a willingness on the part of the juvenile and the victim, may be referred for mediation.

Other alternative programs may be found at:

Kalamazoo County Mental Health Services

Kalamazoo Probation Enhancement Program (KPEP)

Michigan Department of Corrections

Office of Community Corrections

Office of Prosecuting Attorney