Kalamaoo County

Ninth Judicial Circuit Court


Credit Bureau Reporting
If a payer of support falls 2 months behind in a support obligation, or owes greater than $1,000 on a case in which only arrearages are owed (that is not currently charging), the payer may be referred to a credit-reporting agency. The balance owed, last payment date and amount of last payment will be reported monthly until the balance is paid current.

Docket Numbers
Our computer system uses docket numbers to help us track your information. Please use your docket number when you send us information in writing so that we can keep your information accurately filed with your case.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Toll-Free Number
You can obtain your docket (case) information by calling the local IVR (877) 543-2660. An option is available to transfer your call to the State Disbursement Unit -MiSDU (the office in Lansing that sends out child support), where you may ask your payment questions.

Payment Window - at FOC Offices
The Kalamazoo FOC Payment Window will only accept cash or cashier's checks. Because the local FOC office is part of the statewide database, we have little control over how money is receipted or distributed.

Payments Made - Allocation/Distribution
If a payer has more than one case in the State of Michigan, the payments made by that payer are distributed to ALL of the payer's cases and not necessarily according to the amount in your court order. The current month child support will always be paid first.

Support Payment Checks
MiSDU issues all child support checks and handles ALL payment inquires. The Kalamazoo County Friend of the Court no longer issues checks, and has a limited ability to address support check issues.



NCP-Non-Custodial Parent (Payer)
CP-Custodial Parent (Payee)
MiCSES- Michigan Child Support Enforcement System- the Statewide computer system.


MiSDU-Michigan State Disbursement Unit- the agency that receives child support payments, sends out child support payments and handles payment inquiries.

DHHS - Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (formerly known as the Family Independence Agency - FIA).