Kalamaoo County

Ninth Judicial Circuit Court


Two addresses for Payments

Payments are to be made through MISDU with a payment coupon unless the support order states otherwise. Personal payer's must mail their checks to MiSDU, PO Box 30351, Lansing, MI 48909-7851. Employer's should mail payroll deductions to MiSDU at PO Box 30350, Lansing, MI 48929-7850.

Cash payments or a cashier's check may be delivered in person at the Cashier's window at the Friend of the Court office.

Support Payment Processing - by MiSDU

Child Support payment processing is computerized, and support payments are processed as soon as possible. After your payment is received in Lansing, it is posted to your account and deposited. Support checks are usually printed and mailed to the recipient of support the next working day. If the recipient is receiving public assistance benefits, the support amount is sent to the DHHS as required by law.

Holding and Returning Checks - by MiSDU

If a check is returned because there is not enough money in a payer's account to cover it (non-sufficient funds), a "bad check hold" is placed on the child support account and no further disbursement checks will be issued to the recipient until the check is redeemed. If a payer has more than one check returned for non-sufficient funds, the state may require that future payments be made by cashier's check or cash.

Payments received on an account which does not have a support order entered on the computer in MiCSES must be held and cannot be disbursed until an order has been received. As soon as the order is received by the FOC, and your case information is entered these will be applied to your case/docket and disbursements to the recipient will begin.