Kalamaoo County

Ninth Judicial Circuit Court


Vision Statement

The Ninth Judicial Circuit Court will be a leader among Michigan courts in the provision of justice, innovative programming, financial efficiency, service to people and protection of the public's safety.

Mission Statement

The Ninth Judicial Circuit Court will provide timely, fair and cost effective disposition of all matters properly presented to any of its service units or courts. We subscribe to these guiding principles and values:

To serve the public and foster a friendly accessible environment, treating all individuals with dignity, respect, honesty and fairness.

To operate with a pro-active, innovative and progressive approach to program development and implementation, remaining open to suggestions for improvement.

To respect the interests of the taxpayers and our funding unit by continuously seeking greater efficiencies for improved service in coordination with elected officials, county departments and other units of government.

To provide the least restrictive alternative for offenders consistent with public safety while seeking to maximize restorative and therapeutic justice.

To comply with all Trial Court Performance Standards promulgated by the Michigan Supreme Court.

To encourage the spirit of teamwork among courts and service units to exemplify a unified Circuit Court.

To serve as an example worthy of emulation by other courts in Michigan and the United States.