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The purpose of the Community Action Board, which is mandated by the federal government and the State of Michigan, is to assist the Board of Commissioners with the implementation and coordination of a comprehensive community action program as outlined in the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 and in accordance with Public Act 123 of 2003. The Community Action Board shall recommend a statement of goals and an annual program plan and budget, which shall serve to direct resources on the problems of poverty in Kalamazoo County to the Board of Commissioners for its approval. To this end, the Community Action board oversees and reviews the operations of such programs serving the needs of the low-income population in Kalamazoo County. Contact: Amber Leverette, Community Action Agency Manager, (269) 373-5051 or email.


Consumer Sector Term Expires
Paricia Davis03/31/2020
Nikkea Kelley03/31/2019
Shequita Lewis03/31/2018
Robert Reynolds03/31/2018
Demetrias Wolverton03/31/2019
Private Sector Term Expires
Cheri Bell03/31/2019
Anthony Bradley03/31/2018
Sherry-Thomas Cloud03/31/2020
Nathan Dannison03/31/2020
Amy Helmuth03/31/2019
Public Sector Term Expires
Don Cooney03/31/2018
TiAnna Harrison03/31/2018
Nicolette Leigh03/31/2018
Scott McGrawCommissioner Alt.
Stephanie MooreCommissioner