Kalamaoo County

Kalamazoo County Directories




American Cancer Society 349-8719
Health and Community Services - Breast & Cervical Cancer Control Navigation Program 373-5213
Chamber of Commerce-Kalamazoo 381-4000
Child & Adult Care Facility Inspections373-5210
Health and Community Services
Child Custody/Neglect
Circuit Court - Family Division 385-6000
Child Support
Friend of the Court 877-543-2660
Children's Special Health Care Services (CSHCS)373-5010
Health and Community Services
Circuit Court - See Divisions listed below

The court consists of the Family Division, Trial Division and service units that support the Family and Trial Divisions.

Circuit Court - Friend of the Court 877-543-2660

This office is the investigating, accounting, reporting, and enforcing agency of the Circuit Court in domestic relations cases involving child or spousal support, child custody, and parenting time matters. The office provides services to the parties involved in domestic relations cases, but cannot act as an advocate for mothers or fathers.

Circuit Court - Family Division 385-6000
The Family Division has jurisdiction over delinquency, child protection, domestic relations, personal protection orders and adoptions.
Circuit Court - Trial Division 383-8837
The Trial Division has jurisdiction over civil cases where the contested amount is over $25,000 and criminal cases where the potential sentence is incarceration of one year or more. Appeals from decisions made by the Probate and District Courts and various administrative tribunals.
Civil Lawsuits - 8th District Court 384-8171
Civil Lawsuits - Circuit Court - Trial Division 383-8837
Clerk/Register's Office 383-8840
Administers County elections and keeps vital records-birth, death, marriage, business names, military discharges, and Notary Public Commissions-for Kalamazoo County, some which date back to 1831.
Cold Brook Park 746-4270
(or call Parks & Recreation at 383-8778)
Communicable Disease Consultation373-5264
Health and Community Services
Communicable Disease Surveillance Program373-5267
Health and Community Services
Community Corrections383-6434
The Office of Community Corrections supervises offenders who have been released from jail by the court, pending final disposition of their case. Depending upon conditions imposed by the Court and the offender's particular circumstances, supervision may include alcohol monitoring, curfew monitoring and GPS monitoring, together with drug testing and frequent contact with a case manager. The Office also provides behavioral training modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Training (CBT), Moral Reconation Training (MRT), Domestic Violence training for offenders, Trauma Recovery and Intervention Program, and CBT-based Theft Diversion. OCC operates with a combination of state grant and fee-generated monies. The goal of OCC is to reduce the economic burden of incarceration and increase the chances for rehabilitation.
Community Mental Health
Access Center 373-6000
Administration 553-8000
Probate Court 383-8666
Convention and Visitor's Bureau488-9000
Cooperative Extension 383-8830
Health and Community Services 337-6173
County Administrator/Controller 384-8111
See Administration for more information
County Clerk's Office 383-8840
See Clerk/Register's Office for more information.
Circuit - Family Division 385-6000
Circuit - Trial Division 383-8837
District Court  
District Court - Crosstown 384-8171
District Court - North 384-8171
Probate 383-8666
Criminal Trials
Circuit Court - Trial Division 383-8837