Office of Drain Commissioner

Current Projects/Public Notices

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Grant submitted and awarded from MDNRE on February 5 2010

Request for proposal sent out. FTC&H and LRES selected for engineering

Stakeholder kickoff meeting was held May 10, 2010

Quarterly progress meeting held on September 22 and December 13, 2010

Design criteria to be presented next meeting

TMDL grant finished and final report done.

Implementation grant applied for on 10-19-2011

Notice of Meeting of the Davis-Olmstead Drainage District Board

Municipal petition received from Galesburg August 4, 2010

Engineering survey for district completed September 2010

Order designating district October 14, 2010

Petition received December 13, 2010

Board of Determination on February 1, 2011 determined project necessary

Merritt Engineering selected to design new system

Easement acquisition currently underway

Notice of Letting of Drain Contract and Day of Review of Apportionments

Notice of Review of Apportionment

Notice of Hearing

Map of District

Sunset Lake Level Study

On April 8, 2013 the Kalamazoo County Circuit Court determined that the Normal Lake Level for Sunset Lake shall be 846.00'NAVD88' above sea level.

Landowner petition received June 30, 2010

Engineering survey completed September 2, 2010

Maintenance resolution received from Galesburg November 1, 2010

Partial system replaced November 2010

Further work scheduled early 2011

Easements acquired on North branch. Ditch cleanout and pipe section added on this branch.

Under review for further work 2012

Notice of Letting of Drain Contract and Day of Review of Apportionments

Contract awarded to VanderVeen Excavating on May 7, 2014