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Environmental Health FEES

The following fees were adopted by the Kalamazoo County Board of Commissioners on November 5, 2013, effective January 1, 2014.


Credit Card Authorization Form

Beach sampling
Body Art
Evaluations: Sewage treatment and/or
water supply

Food Service Licenses
   Special transitory
Food service plan review
Food service compliance
Freedom of Information (FOIA) Requests
Land divisions
Property modification
Public swimming pool
Sewage treatment
Surface water sampling
Water wells

Onsite Water Supplies (WEB PAGE)
Private water well permit (includes lab fees) $169.00
     Penalty: Construction without a permit$280.00
Water sample collection$90.00
     Bacteriological water test$15.00
     Nitrate water test$14.00
Additional water tests are subject to the MDEQ Testing Fee Schedule including a $7.00 per shipment postage charge.
Type III Public Water Supply Permit (includes lab fees)$214.00
     Penalty for construction without a permit$340.00
Type II Water Supply Permit (includes lab fees)$366.00
     Penalty: Construction without a permit$616.00

Onsite Sewage Treatment Systems (WEB PAGE)
Private sewage treatment system permit $305.00
    Re-inspection fee $90.00
    Penalty: Construction without a permit $610.00
Septic Tank only Permit $135.00
    Re-inspection fee $90.00
    Penalty: Construction without a permit $610.00
Public sewage treatment systems permit (up to 4 hours review) $400.00
    Additional charge per hour or site visit $90.00
    Penalty: Construction without a permit $800.00
    Appeal: Sewage regulations $408.00
Sewer/Septic tank installers registration $308.00

Property Upgrade or Vacant Land $230.00

Land Divisions (WEB PAGE)
Pre-preliminary plat approval $457.00
Preliminary subdivision $430.00
    Additional cost per lot $17.00

Mortgage or Condition Evaluation (WEB PAGE)
Well and/or septic evaluations $185.00

Well evaluations will also incur one or more of the following fees:

    Bacteriological water test $15.00
Additional water tests are subject to the MDEQ Testing Fee Schedule including a $7.00 per shipment postage charge.
Re-inspection fee $90.00

EH Inspection Request for DHHS (WEB PAGE)
Partial inspection/Full Inspection (additional lab fees if applicable) $140.00
Re-inspection fee $90.00

Water Sampling (WEB PAGE)
Water sample collection (includes lab fee) $105.00

Beach Sampling (WEB PAGE)
Water sample collection $90.00
3 surface water tests $45.00

Body Art (WEB PAGE)
Plan Review, Informal Hearing $90.00/hr

Public Swimming Pools (WEB PAGE)
Inspection per location $185.00
Additional pool/spa/wading $20.00

Radon (WEB PAGE)
Canister $10.00
Radon alpha track detector $20.00

Campground Inspection (WEB PAGE) (additional state license fees will apply) $190.00

Freedom of Information Requests (WEB PAGE)
FOIA requests will be processed with fees associated depending on length of the request.
Copy fees: $0.10 Per single sided page and $0.20 for double sided page
Time associated fees:
20-29 min $ 5.13
30-39 min $ 7.71
40-49 min $10.27
50-59 min $12.84
60-69 min $15.41
($2.57 for each additional 10 min)
Mailing associated fees:
Number of Sheets Cost
1-10 $ 0.93
11-20 $ 1.16
21-29 $ 1.62
30-39 $ 2.08
40-49 $ 2.50
50-59 $ 3.00
60-99 $ 3.95

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)
Fees for residential county customers without a municipality contract
Kalamazoo County customers $7.00**
Kalamazoo County Small Business Customers will be billed at $16.50 per hour plus disposal costs effective January 1, 2016.

**Additional disposal costs also apply

Restaurant (Fixed Food Service) License (WEB PAGE)
For Profit and Schools (includes $27.00 state fee)$419.00
Non-Profit (includes $5.00 state fee) $395.00
Penalty: Late food license application (per day) $5.00
Food service inspections (over four inspections per year each) $90.00

Seasonal Food Service License (WEB PAGE)
(includes $27.00 state fee)
    Non-profit (includes $5.00 state fee) $145.00

Temporary Food Service License (WEB PAGE)
(includes $8.00 state fee)
    Non-profit (includes $5.00 state fee) $90.00

Mobile Food Service License (WEB PAGE)
(includes $27.00 state fee)

Special Transitory Food Unit License (WEB PAGE)
(includes $40.00 state fee)
    Non -Profit [501 (c) (3)] (includes a $5.00 state fee) $105.00
    Special transitory food unit inspection fee; 1st or 2nd inspection $90.00

Food Service Plan Review (WEB PAGE)$450.00
  Penalty: Construction begins prior to plan approval $900.00

Food Service Compliance Fees
Office conference $277.00
Informal hearing fee $440.00
Formal hearing fee $635.00

The Kalamazoo County Health and Community Services Department programs are open to all without regard to race, sex, color, national origin, religion, height, weight, marital status, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.

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