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Environmental Health Division

BODY ART: Licensing

How to obtain a Body Art License

  1. Submit a Body Art facility plan review application to the Kalamazoo County HCS.
    • Fee will be based on an hourly rate of $66.00 for the plan review.
  2. Submit a Body Art License application to Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH).
  3. Schedule Inspection with the Kalamazoo County HCS.
    • Please call (269) 373-5210 to schedule your inspection.
  4. Obtain license to become a medical waste generator.

NOTE: A new Body Art facility must have these documents available prior to the initial inspection:

  • Sample Documents (Required) for Body Art Facilities:
    1. Body Art Facility Record (.doc)
    2. Body Art Facility Inventory Form (.doc)
    3. Sterilization Log Book Sample (.doc)
  • Sample Documents (Required) for Clients and Consumers:
    1. Body Art Facility Client Record and Consent Form (.doc)
    2. Disclosure Statement and Notice for Filing Complaints (.doc)
    3. Branding Aftercare Instructions: (.doc)
    4. Piercing Aftercare: (.doc)
    5. Tattoo Aftercare: (.doc)
  • Sample Documents for Body Art Employees, Technicians or Contractors:
    1. Body Art Facility Employee/Technician/Contractor Record (.doc)
    2. Hepatitis B Vaccine Declination Form (.doc)
    3. Client Confidentiality - Signed Statement (.doc)
    4. PA 149 states that body art facilities must comply with bloodborne pathogen safety standards under 29 CFR 1910.1030 (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). In Michigan, MIOSHA is responsible for assuring safe and healthful working conditions for people working in Michigan.
  • Medical Waste Requirements (follow link to obtain a license as a Generator of medical waste )
If you do not have access to the internet, please contact our office at 269-373-5210 and we will provide you with paper copies of the necessary forms.

The Kalamazoo County Health and Community Services Department programs are open to all without regard to race, sex, color, national origin, religion, height, weight, marital status, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.

Links to external sites do not constitute endorsements by Kalamazoo County.


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