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Why is it so important to protect groundwater in Kalamazoo County?

Because it is our drinking water!

If you are connected to a municipal water supply or have an onsite water well, the water from your taps comes from groundwater!

Educating yourself and others about groundwater is one of the most effective ways to protect groundwater. Environmental Health maintains numerous groundwater educational resources that are available for use at no charge. Contact us to reserve educational materials or for more information.

Groundwater Simulator

This model demonstrates groundwater flow in a slice of the earth at a miniature scale.

Enviroscape Model

This landscape model demonstrates watershed protection and how a contaminated watershed also affects our groundwater.

Sewage Disposal System Model

This activity demonstrates the workings of an onsite sewage disposal system or "septic system".

Porosity Flow Rate Model

This model effectively demonstrates the concept of porosity (how much water an aquifer can hold) and permeability (how easily water moves through an aquifer).

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