Sewage Disposal System Model

Does the wastewater from your building drain away into pipes that lead to a municipal treatment plant, or is there a system in your own yard that treats your wastewater? When not serviced by municipal sewers, homes have onsite sewage disposal systems or "septic systems". These systems typically consist of a septic tank and drain field. Proper maintenance and understanding of these systems is essential for groundwater protection!

This model demonstrates a cross-section of an operating septic tank, which allows participants to dump pollutants down the drain and watch them as they flow through the wastewater treatment system and into the soils and groundwater. Yes-the water that goes down our drains ends up in the ground. Included is information how sewage disposal systems and soils are designed to "clean" the wastewater as it flows down into the groundwater. Also included is information on what not to put down your drains and a 13-minute video on septic systems.

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