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Groundwater Simulator

This model demonstrates groundwater flow in a slice of the earth at a miniature scale.

Enviroscape Model

This landscape model demonstrates watershed protection and how a contaminated watershed also affects groundwater.

Sewage Treatment System Model

This activity demonstrates the workings of an onsite sewage treatment system.

Porosity Flow Rate Model

This model effectively demonstrates the concept of porosity (how much water an aquifer can hold) and permeability (how easily water moves through an aquifer).

Protecting Our Water: A Primer for Preventing Pathogenic Contamination of Drinking Water Sources

This CD was produced by the Groundwater Foundation.

The Interactive Roles of Surface Water and Groundwater

A 20-minute DVD video animation funded by NGWA and produced by a team from the International Ground Water Modeling Center at the Colorado School of Mines, this tool will help in educating the public regarding the interaction of ground and surface waters in conjunctive-use situations.

After the Storm

DVD of three case studies, co-produced by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and The Weather Channel.

Air Quality

Air: The Search for One Clean Breath

Take an amazing journey and explore the mystery of each breath with this DVD produced by Ventura County and the EPA. Narrated by Joe Mantegna.

Available at our office.

Onsite Sewage Treatment

Onsite and Clustered Wastewater Treatment Systems

This CD produced by the US EPA will provide information materials for anyone interested in decentralized onsite sewage treatment systems.

Care and Feeding of Your Septic System

This VHS tape produced by the National Small Flows Clearing House will provide basic information on onsite sewage treatment (septic) system maintenance.

Food Service

Mandarin Chinese ServSafe Food Safety Class

ServSafe instructed class on DVD available for Mandarin speaking operators.

Available in our office - call 269-373-5210 to borrow the DVD

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