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Whenever you start a new food service operation or remodel an existing one, there is a 10-step plan review process to complete. All of the following items must be completed and compiled into a single package before review will begin. Submit your plan review package to the Environmental Health.

Environmental Health has the authority to issue a stop work order when construction begins before plans are approved.

10-Step plan review process
The following items are Adobe Acrobat PDF documents. In order to view them, Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.

  1. Application
  2. Plan Review Fees
  3. Provide valid copies of Certified Food Manager Certification and Michigan Allergen Awareness Certification.
  4. Plan Review Worksheet (13 pages)
  5. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
    • Provide individual SOPs for the following procedures:
      • Hand washing
      • Personal hygiene, including infected cuts and sores
      • Preventing bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods
      • Employee illness
      • Purchasing foods from approved sources
      • Cleaning and sanitizing of food contact surfaces
      • Cross-contamination prevention
      • Ware washing
      • Date-marking ready-to-eat, time/temperature controlled for safety (TCS) foods
      • Using time only (instead of time and temperature) to control bacterial growth in TCS foods
      • Thawing TCS foods
      • Cooking TCS foods
      • Cooling TCS foods
      • Reheating TCS foods
      • Hot holding TCS foods
      • Cold holding TCS foods
    • Each SOP should address:
      • What is the procedure?
      • How should the procedure be conducted?
      • Who is monitoring to ensure the procedure is performed properly and how often?
      • How will any problems be fixed?
      • What records will be kept and for how long?
  6. Menu
    • Include a copy of your proposed menu.
    • If serving raw or undercooked eggs, chicken, meats, seafood, etc., provide information on Consumer Advisory.
  7. Two Complete Sets of Plans (Scaled to .25 inch per foot) - One printed copy and one digital copy in PDF format
    • Show on the Plans:
      1. Proposed layout, with equipment identified. Label sinks and prep tables with their intended use.
      2. Mechanical plan (i.e. make-up air systems, air balance schedule and cooking ventilation systems, including hood, duct and exhaust fans).
      3. Plumbing: hand sinks, food preparation sink, dish washing sinks and machines, water supply piping, hot water equipment, sewer drains, grease traps, and floor sinks.
      4. Construction materials of such items as custom cabinets and any other built-in items.
      5. Interior room finish schedules.
      6. Lighting plan, indicating which lights are shielded.
      7. Site Plan, including a) Details of outside garbage storage area and containers, as well as exterior storage areas, b) on-site water well and sewage disposal system data when applicable.
  8. Specialized Processing
  9. Equipment Specifications
    • Include manufacturer's specifications for each piece of equipment. Minimum information for each piece of equipment includes the following (Note: the manufacturer's specification or "cut" sheet typically provides most of this information):
      1. Type
      2. Manufacturer
      3. Model Number
      4. Dimensions
    • Tell us how equipment will be installed (i.e. on legs or wheels, fixed or flexible utility connections).
    • Tell us which items are used equipment and what equipment has third party certification (e.g. NSF or UL).
    • Include any available cleaning and maintenance instructions for food processing, cutting and grinding equipment.
  10. Building Permits (if required by your local building authority)
    • Include copies of all permits issued by local building authority.
    • Your local building authority must approve all ventilation hood exhaust systems.
    • Local building authority must issue a Certificate of Occupancy and/or final mechanical inspection before Kalamazoo County Health and Community Services will grant final approval.

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