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The Safe Drinking Water Partners of Southwest Michigan is an organization of municipal water supplies, villages, cities, state, township, and county officials, and others interested in protecting our shared water resources. The partners promote good land use management practices and educate citizens on the importance of these resources for future growth and development. This group meets periodically to share information and explore collaborative efforts.

Participation of communities in the State of Michigan's Wellhead Protection Program is a major goal of the Safe Drinking Water Partners. This is a voluntary program for communities. In Kalamazoo County, where groundwater is shallow and highly vulnerable to contamination, participation is seen as essential to insuring a safe water supply long into the future.

The Safe Drinking Water Partners maintain community report cards to provide information on Wellhead Protection Program participation in our area. Some communities do not have a community water supply, however, they use groundwater as a drinking water resource through private water well systems. This is one reason that all communities having a Safe Drinking Water Partner report card participate in the Household Hazardous Waste Disposal program. Participation in the Household Hazardous Waste Disposal program helps prevent household chemicals from being improperly disposed and ending up in the groundwater!

If you would like to participate in Safe Drinking Water Partners of Southwest Michigan or attend a meeting, contact us to be put on the mailing list.

For more information about community water supplies, visit the U.S. EPA website to learn about sampling and reporting requirements. For more information on your own community's water supply, contact your supplier directly:

City of Galesburg 665-7000 Village of Augusta 731-5517
City of Kalamazoo 337-8696 Village of Climax 746-4174
City of Parchment 349-3785 Village of Schoolcraft 679-4304
City of Portage 329-4448 Village of Vicksburg 649-1919
Charleston Township 665-7805 City of Battle Creek 966-3343

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