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Weatherization Assistance Program
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About the Weatherization Assistance Program
The Weatherization Assistance Program provides free, energy-saving services to reduce the energy costs and improve the comfort and safety of eligible, low-income households. Energy-saving measures performed by the Weatherization Assistance Program typically include weatherstripping and caulking, insulating walls and ceilings, repairing or replacing heating systems, switching to efficient lights, and cost-effective measures following state and federal guidelines. The program also evaluates participating homes for potential natural gas and carbon monoxide threats from combustion appliances. Thanks to the program, households commonly reduce their energy bills by 15-30%, making more money available for other pressing household needs, such as food, housing and transportation.

The Weatherization Assistance Program does not typically provide aesthetic measures such as painting or installing new windows.

Who is eligible?
Households of low-income U.S. citizens and qualified aliens whose income does not exceed Federal Income Guidelines (see the current limits listed below) may be eligible. Both homeowners and renters may be eligible. Households that received Michigan Department of Health and Human Services cash assistance (FIP), State Disability Assistance (SDA), or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) in the last 12 months are automatically income-eligible for services.

Household Size Maximum income in the past three months
1 $5,662
2 $7,404
3 $9,155
4 $11,025
5 $12,895
6 $14,765
7 $16,635
8* $18,505

*For each additional family member, add $1,870.

How do I apply?
Start by calling 269-373-5066. We will add your name to a waiting list and mail you an informational packet. When it is your turn to complete an application, we will notify you by mail.

What happens to a participating house?
After a household is approved to participate, the Weatherization Assistance Program performs an energy audit, which measures your home's current energy use and determines which energy conservation and safety measures are best for your home. We will discuss these potential measures with you before our contractors begin the work. After these measures are complete, we will conduct a final inspection for quality control.

What else can I do to lower my energy costs and make my house safer?
The Weatherization Assistance Program commonly focuses on insuring all combustion appliances (furnace, water heater, etc.) are operating safely and efficiently, as well as optimizing insulation levels and reducing electrical use. However, residents can further reduce energy costs and improve indoor air quality with the following easy, no- or low-cost actions:

  • Turn off lights, televisions, electronic games, and other appliances when not in use.
  • Lower thermostat settings a few degrees at night and during extended vacancies.
  • Clean and replace furnace filters once per month or when dirty during the heating season to avoid an expensive, premature furnace failure.
  • Turn on ventilation fans in the bathroom when showering and over the stove when cooking to control moisture and mold in the house.
  • Maintain clean gutters and extend downspouts to control moisture and mold in the house.
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