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Eligibility: Determined by severity and chronicity of a medical diagnosis.

Age: Children from birth to age 21. Service to people of any age with cystic fibrosis or blood clotting disorders like hemophilia.

Income: All income levels are eligible; The cost to join CSHCS is dependent upon family size and income. There is no cost if the eligible client has Medicaid or MIChild.

Services: Payment for medical care and treatment, including advocacy, respite nursing and support services for families. Referral for a Diagnostic Evaluation to a medical specialist to determine suspected medical conditions. Referral to other community services.

Frequently Asked Questions: Children's Special Health Care Services

What is CSHCS?
CSHCS, Children's Special Health Care Services, is a program that offers medical care and treatment assistance for children with chronic, severe, disabling health problems; and provides service coordination to meet the child and family needs. Families of all income levels are eligible to enroll in the CSHCS program.

How does my child qualify for the CSHCS program?
A medically eligible diagnosis must be established. Please call (269) 373-5010 for more information.

How can this program help pay for my child to see a specialist?
Referrals may be written to a specialist. CSHCS will cover the cost of the evaluation; other insurance is always billed first. Call (269) 373-5010.

Are there resources to help pay for specialized equipment (wheelchairs, etc.)?
Yes, if the child is medically eligible for the program.

Is money available to pay for unusual equipment needs (van lifts, ramps, etc.) for my child?
Yes, the State of Michigan has established a Trust Fund to help pay for such items.

Are there resources to help pay for medications for my child (insulin, growth hormone, etc.)?
Yes, if your child is enrolled in the CSHCS program, certain medications ordered by the specialist are covered when they relate to your child's medical condition.

Are there resources to help pay for special supplies (feeding tubes, catheters, ostomy and tracheotomy supplies, etc.) for my child?
The CSHCS program may be able to help if the child has a medically eligible diagnosis. There is no benefit for incontinent supplies.

Can CSHCS help pay lodging for me while my child is in the hospital?
Yes, some families do receive this benefit.  Please call (269) 373-5010 for details.

Is help available if I need to take my child out of State for medical care?
Possibly. CSHCS doctors must make that decision and child must be enrolled in CSHCS. Prior approval is required.

My insurance doesn't cover hearing aids.  What can I do?
Hearing aids may be covered, if the medical condition is approved.

I cannot afford diabetic supplies for my child.  What can I do?
CSHCS will need a medical report from the child's specialist to establish eligibility.

Is there help to pay medical bills for a child who has recently died?
Yes, we may be able to help. Call our office at (269) 373-5010 if you need more information.

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