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Monitoring the health status of the population is a core function of the public health system. This site is designed to provide our community with greater access to data sources that describe the health status of Kalamazoo County residents.

Demographic Information
Kalamazoo County Demographic Information
Kalamazoo County Community Facts (Education, Housing, Income, Poverty, etc.)
Population Trends
Population Trends by Race
Population Trends by Age
Population by Age, Sex and Census Tract Poverty

General Health Profiles
Kalamazoo County Health Profile
Selected Disease Indicators (Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Other Mortality)

Health Rankings
County Health Rankings
Kids Count Trends in Child Well-Being

Health Statistics Tables
Ambulatory Care Sensitive Hospitalizations (Asthma, Diabetes, etc.)
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (Kalamazoo Data Available within Statewide Tables)
Birth Characteristics
Birth Defects
Cancer Incidence and Mortality
Communicable Disease Counts by Year
Communicable Disease Counts by Month
Fatal Injuries (Leading Causes)
Hepatitis B and C Surveillance Report (Kalamazoo Data Available within Statewide Tables)
HIV Surveillance Report (Kalamazoo Data Available within Statewide Tables)
Immunization Report Card
Michigan Influenza Surveillance Reports (Statewide Data)
Michigan School Health Survey System (County Reports Available)
Michigan Weekly CD Surveillance Reports (Statewide Data by County)
Mortality Data
Mortality (Leading Causes of Death by Age)
Mortality (Death Rates by Age, Race, Sex)
Sexually Transmitted Infections
Substance Use
Tuberculosis Cases and Rates

Online Data Mapping
HDReAM Online Data Mapper (WMU)

Special Reports
2016 STD Update
2017 Maternal/Child Health Needs Assessment Report
Childhood Obesity
Cigarette Smoking During Pregnancy
Childhood Lead
Health Statistics Brief
Hepatitis C
Infant Mortality
Kalamazoo County Health Report Card
Kalamazoo County Opioid Report
Kalamazoo County Opioid Brief

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Kalamazoo County Health & Community Services is committed to providing equitable, culturally competent care to all individuals served, regardless of race, age, sex, color, national origin, religion, height, weight, marital status, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.

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