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Lead Testing is available for children under the age of 6 who are Medicaid eligible. During your next visit to W.I.C. or the Immunization Clinic, or during your home visit with Healthy Babies Healthy Start or Nurse Family Partnership, ask about having your child tested. Other calls can be directed to a Public Health Nurse.

If the blood level warrants it, a joint home visit with an Environmental Health Specialist and a Public Health Nurse is arranged. The purpose of the home visit is to:

  1. evaluate the housing conditions of children with elevated blood levels; and
  2. educate parents/guardians about ways to reduce lead hazards in and around their homes.
The staff is also available to make community presentations involving awareness, prevention, and control of lead hazards.

The Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program shares an active website with the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services that is updated on a weekly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions: Lead Poisoning Prevention

How do people become exposed to lead in the home?
The most common source of lead is lead based paint manufactured prior to 1978.  When this lead based paint deteriorates it creates lead contaminated dust, which is a hazard.  If lead based paint is smooth and intact it is not considered a hazard.  Other sources of lead exposure include industrial sites and smelters that use or produce lead containing materials.  Also lead contaminated dust, soil, and water, lead containing materials used in occupations or hobbies, lead containing ceramic ware, and traditional/folk remedies can be sources of exposure.  For children, lead contaminated house dust, ingested in normal hand to mouth activity is of major significance. Children can also be at risk for lead poisoning from certain toys and jewelry. For a list of children's items that have been recalled because they contain lead, click here.  People also can breathe in air that contains lead contaminated dust.

Who is at risk for lead exposure?
Any person can be at risk for lead exposure.  Young children are at particular risk for lead exposure because of normal hand to mouth activity.  Due to their small size and developing nervous systems, children have more serious effects from exposure to lead.  Adults are usually exposed to lead as a result of their occupation or a hobby where the person has contact with lead containing materials.

How concerned should I be with my child's exposure when doing home renovations?
A parent should be very concerned about exposing a child to lead while doing home renovations.  When doing home renovation, such as dry sanding and dry scraping of surfaces for repainting, knocking out walls or replacing windows, lead contaminated dust can be created. This dust can be breathed in or get onto a person's hands and get into their mouths.  This can be a source of lead exposure.  Children should be out of the house while renovation is being done and not return until proper clean up is complete.

Where do I get information on having my home tested for lead?
For a list of Certified Lead Inspectors/Risk Assessors contact the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services Lead Hazard Remediation Program at (517) 335-9390 or on line at www.michigan.gov/leadsafe and click on the header LEAD PROFESSIONALS.

How can I find someone to remove the lead from my home?
For a list of Certified Lead Contractors contact the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services Lead Hazard Remediation Program at (517) 335-9390 or on line at www.michigan.gov/leadsafe and click on the header LEAD PROFESSIONALS.

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