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Family Planning Resource: Michigan's Plan First!

What is Plan First!?

Plan First! is a new state program that provides funding for family planning services to women - ages 19 to 44 - who otherwise would not have medical coverage for these services.

What's Covered?

Plan First! provides coverage for the following:
  • Office visits for family planning-related services
  • Prescriptions for birth control
  • Contraceptive (birth control) supplies and devices
  • Lab tests
  • Treatment of sexually transmitted infections
  • Some sterilizations for women 21 years of age or older
Abortions and infertility are not covered under this program.

Who is eligible?

Plan First! will provide services to women who:
  • Are age 19 through 44 years
  • Are US citizens or qualified immigrants
  • Are Michigan residents
  • Meet monthly family income limits
  • Have a Social Security number or have applied for one
  • Are not receiving Medicaid

How do I apply?

You must submit a signed application. Click here to download an application.

What kind of information do I need to provide?

You need information about the following to apply:
  • Income
  • Social Security number
  • Age
  • Marital Status
  • Medical insurance (if you have other insurance)
  • Living arrangements

How do I get more information about Plan First!

Visit the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services web page.

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