A Letter from the Director

I am proud to present the 2011 Annual Report for the Kalamazoo County Health & Community Services Department. The report provides an overview of the program accomplishments by division for the year along with revenue details and statistical data. Our department is focused on the overall the health and well being of the community we serve with a multi-disciplinary approach. I am very pleased to have a staff of almost 250 individuals that share this same goal and strive each and every day to assist the community and develop new ways of enhancing services in a challenging economy.

Our department is a complex and unique organization providing a myriad of public health programs through our Health Department divisions. We also provide many community service based programs outside of the traditional public health department role. These include services to the older adult population through our Area Agency on Aging, services to veterans through our Veteran's Service Office, and programs that serve the community to eliminate the causes and effects of poverty through our Community Action Agency.

As has been the case for a number of years, this year proved to be another difficult year with federal, state and local level budgets. During these times we continue to meet the immediate needs of our residents. In addition, a challenging economy demands us to foster collaborative approaches and develop regional and local partnerships to enhance the community capacity to provide services and develop new and innovative programs to address our community-specific needs.

I hope this report will give you a better understanding of the many ways we serve the citizens of Kalamazoo County. With dedicated, knowledgeable and committed staff working diligently to provide quality services, we continue to effectively and efficiently meet the needs of our customers.

I welcome your feedback and thank you for your continued support.


Linda S. Vail, MPA
Director, Health Officer