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Communicable Disease Consultant Services

The Communicable Disease Consultants are registered nurses who are available to assist Kalamazoo County schools, preschools and childcare centers with consultations on health issues, training, information and resources. If we may be assistance, please call: the nurses at 373-5264. The goal of the Communicable Disease Consultant Program is to:

Promote optimal health of school/preschool children and the community; and to help maintain a healthy school environment by providing health-related information, education, resources, and support services to preschools/ schools in Kalamazoo County.
The principal function of the CD Consultant program is:
To improve immunization rates and decrease the incidence of communicable diseases in preschool/school-age children by educating and advising school and community leaders, parents and students.
Immunization Consultation
Michigan State law requires that all public, charter and private schools report student immunizations (section 2). CD Consultants assist schools to meet or exceed compliance standards by providing the following services:
  • Training on latest immunization reporting requirements and computer programs, including MCIR/SIRS.
  • Vaccine information and safety updates
  • Provide consultation with problem immunization records, including foreign translations.
  • Liaison with healthcare providers to locate and obtain records.
  • Assess and review IP100/101 immunization reports to ensure compliance and properly submitted in a timely manner to MDHHS.
  • Offer low cost or free immunizations at Nazareth and outlying clinics.
Communicable Disease Consultation
The Michigan Public Health Code requires school officials to report communicable diseases to the local health department. All schools and preschools should submit communicable disease report forms (DCH-0453) on a weekly basis (section 3). CD Consultant services include, but are not limited to:
  • Answer questions/concerns of faculty/staff and parents. Provide information resources.
  • Investigate disease reports and advise schools accordingly.
  • Assist with writing of parent notification letters.
  • Assist with record searches, as needed.
  • Training/Information/Consultation services
Health Education
The Communicable Disease Consultants are dedicated to raising public awareness about communicable disease, immunizations and other health-related issues that affect the community. We offer health education presentations to students, staff and parent groups as a means of addressing health concerns and encouraging life long healthy choices. The CD Consultant presentations are offered free of charge to schools within Kalamazoo County. Please allow at least four weeks for scheduling presentations. Scheduling is based on nurse availability.

We are open to suggestions on other topics and may be available to speak on additional topics, upon request, or we may be able to recommend a speaker for that topic. To schedule a presentation, please call 373-5264

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