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06/13/2012 - KCSO Water Recover Team Unveils New Vessel Obtained From Military Surplus
The Kalamazoo County Sheriff in conjunction with the KalamazooWater Recovery and Dive Team, and officials from the LESO military surplus program will be at the Austin Lake Access Site in Portage on June 13 at 3:00 pm to launch the Water Recovery Team's new boat.

The boat was obtained at no cost from the military and reconditioned for placement into service by the Water Recovery Team as an upgrade from an old boat that was currently being used for water resecues. The need came about due to the teams need to have a platform to work from as they conduct water rescue operations.

The Sheriff was able to find a boat that fit the need in New York last fall. Volunteers picked it up and have been getting it in ship shape condition all winter.

The boat, valued at $45,000, will be used for water rescue in Kalamazoo County and adjoining areas who request assistance. Sheriff Richard Fuller, along with members from the Water Recovery Team and the military, will be available for comments and questions at the event.

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