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11/29/2012 - Kalamazoo Jail Walkaway Inmate Captured in Missouri
The Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Office advises that walkaway Ross Emerson Culver, 29 yr old, was arrested this morning in Cooper County, Missouri.

Culver was apprehended when a license plate reader along a highway noted a vehicle reported stolen from Kalamazoo had just passed the reader unit. A police agency was notified and spotted the vehicle several miles ahead. An attempt to stop the vehicle failed and Culver led police from several jurisdictions on a high speed chase that lasted for about twenty-five minutes at speeds of 100 mph.

He then crashed and was arrested. He gave a false name but was identified about three hours later. Culver is being held in the Cooper County jail on multiple charges. Upon adjudication of those charges he will be returned to Kalamazoo County to face charges related to the auto theft and walking away from the inmate work site.

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