Kalamaoo County

Area Agency on Aging Region IIIA


(269) 373-5173

The Choices for Independence Programs (CFI) of the Area Agency on Aging IIIA is dedicated to promoting the dignity and independence of Kalamazoo County residents 60 years of age or older, who are unable to independently take care their own needs. Care consultants who are registered nurses or social workers, work with potential participants and seek to find supportive and financially feasible means of support, tailored to meet the needs of each individual. These supports may include negotiating informal care, purchasing care from service providers or making referrals to programs that are more appropriate. The CFI program process consists of five steps:

  1. Information Gathering: Staff process requests for service, with initial information obtained during a one-on-one phone conversation with the client and/or referring source, (i.e. caregiver, service provider, hospital discharge planner, etc.)
  2. Assessment: Once the initial information is obtained, the registered nurse and/or social worker meet with the individual in their home, along with others that the individual identifies to be a part of the planning process. The team will evaluate health, emotional, social and economic needs, as well as the person's ability to safely function at home.
  3. Person-Centered Planning: After the assessment is completed, the team works with the participant and their caregiver to develop a person-centered plan to meet their needs. Based on the wishes of the individual, the plan will outline services they desire to receive, such as homemaking, home delivered meals, help with personal care, respite care, transportation and more.
  4. Coordination: The care consultant then works with the participant and/or their designated caregiver, to find the right supportive agencies or informal resources to provide care. The participant approves all services and the care consultant will assist in arranging for the planned services.
  5. Ongoing Care: Communication is crucial throughout the entire process to ensure the quality of services, and protect participants' dignity and independence. Ongoing monitoring by care consultants helps maintain the most appropriate supports in the home, and ensure the best care. Participants are usually seen in their homes every three (3) to six (6) months, or more frequently if needed.

One of the most beneficial elements of this process is learning about the resources that may be available to participants. Services may be compensated for through a number of outlets, including: federal, state or local funding, private insurance, Medicaid or Medicare. Individuals may qualify for services at little-to-no cost. Financial screening occurs during the information gathering stage (stage 1). Together with the care consultants, older individuals will explore options to determine which are the most appropriate supports based on personal needs and resources. Every effort will be made to find the best financial arrangements.

To make referral or explore your options further, call 269-373-5173 or email.