Kalamaoo County

Area Agency on Aging Region IIIA

Senior Independent Living Apartments

Senior Apartments, Market Rate - the majority of these complexes ask that residents be age 55+, though some make exceptions. There are a variety of locations throughout Kalamazoo County, and the rents are not subsidized.

Market Rate List-Detail - Market Rate List-Summary

Senior Apartments, Subsidized - most require that individuals be age 62+ (some allow adults of any age who have a disability). All must meet income guidelines, meaning income cannot be over a pre-determined amount. Rents vary, as they are based on a percentage of an individual's income, usually 30%.

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Senior Apartments, Tax-Credit Subsidy - age requirements vary between 55+ and 62+. Income limits apply. Rents are a set amount - not percentage based - but are generally lower than market rate rents.

Tax Credit Subsidy List-Detail - Tax Credit Subsidy List-Summary

Note: Some complexes offer both market rate and a limited number of tax-credit apartments. There are no differences in the apartments, just the rental rate.

Please contact our Information & Assistance Line at 269.373.5173 to request a housing list. We'd be happy to send one by email or US mail.

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