Kalamazoo County Animal Services and Enforcement

Lost and Found Pets

The pets located on this page are either lost and the owner is in search and needs your help, or the pet was found by someone and they are holding the animal in their care until the owner can be found.

To report a lost or found pet, contact us by calling business hours at 269-383-8775. These animals will be updated daily. If you are looking for a lost pet, and you do not see it here, please come down to Animal Services and Enforcement and take a look in the shelter. Animals in the shelter are kept for 7 days before being offered up for adoption. If you come down to the shelter after you realize your pet is missing, then come back the same day each week, you will never miss your pet if it is turned into KCASE.

If you do place a lost or found ad here, we only ask that you notify us when the pet is found so that we can remove it from the lost and found list. Animals placed on this list will be removed 30 days from the date the animal was listed. If your pet has not been located within that time and you wish to keep looking, just call to place the ad again. This will help us to keep the list from becoming out dated.

KCASE staff cannot tell you over the phone if your lost pet is at the shelter. You will need to come in, or have someone familiar with the pet come in on your behalf to identify the pet.

If your lost pet is not at KCASE, try the following:

  • The Kalamazoo Gazette will run free FOUND PET ads for 3 days - your pet may be listed here
  • Check Craigslist as many people post found pets here
  • Create a Page for your pet on Facebook and encourage friends and family to 'share' the link
  • If your pet is microchipped, call the microchip company and make a lost report with them
  • Report your animal missing to your veterinarian, or any vet clinics in the area the pet was lost
  • If you live near a bordering county, make lost reports with them as well as local Humane Societies
  • Put up signs in your local shops and restaurants

If you have found a pet, try the following:

  • Bring the pet to KCASE or a local vet to scan if for a microchip
  • Place a free FOUND PET AD in the Kalamazoo Gazette
  • Place an ad on Craigslist for a found pet
  • Report the animal found to local vet clinics
  • If you live near a bordering county, make found reports with them as well as local Humane Societies
  • Put up signs in your local shops and restaurants
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT FOUND PETS: Found animals cannot be given away/sold/kept until 30 days has passed from a found report being made at KCASE. You may not vaccinate, neuter or alter the pet in any way until the 30 days has passed. Keeping or altering a pet prior to 30 days could result in theft or other personal property damage charges being filed against you. If you cannot keep the pet for 30 days, you can turn it into KCASE, where the 30 days hold time is reduced to 7-10 days.

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