Kalamazoo County Animal Services and Enforcement

Highway Kill Permit

Rules for Highway Killed Deer or Bear
(sec. 5.10, The Wildlife Conservation Order)

  1. A deer or bear killed by collision with a motor vehicle, or so injured that it must be killed, may be released by the investigating police or peace officer. The driver of the damaged vehicle shall have first priority.
  2. It is unlawful to possess a highway killed deer or bear without this permit. A person possessing a highway killed deer or bear must immediately produce this permit upon the demand of a police or peace officer.
  3. A permit will not be issued to possess spotted fawns or cub bears.
  4. Within 24 hours of being issued, this permit bust me securely attached to the deer or bear carcass, and must remain attached until the carcass is processed or butchered for consumption. Securely attach by wrapping and tying to the leg or antlers of the animal. This permit must accompany the deer or bear if it is processed by a meat processor, given away to another person, or shipped or transported by another person.

Possession of highway killed deer or bear in violation of the above rules is a misdemeanor offense punishable under Section 40118 of Act 451, PA 1994.

Obtain a Permit

Permits will be issued for reports of killed deer or injured deer requiring to be dispatched as a result of a traffic incident. If the Police Officer does not have permits available, please call KCASE for an Animal Services Officer to issue the permit.

Bear are not likely to be found in Kalamazoo County, however the same rules would apply.

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