Kalamazoo County Animal Services and Enforcement

Stray Animal Services

KCASE is a state licensed animal shelter facility mandated by law to impound stray dogs. There are no legal requirements for us to house cats, although we continue to shelter stray cats, as well as other animals such as rabbits, domestic rats, domestic birds, and whatever else comes through our doors.

KCASE WILL respond to the following animal reports:

  • Dogs that are loose and running at large
  • Dogs that are stray, but are currently confined
  • Cats that are stray and are live-trapped or securely confined
  • Livestock that is loose and running at large
  • Livestock that is stray and confined
  • Sick or Injured animals of any kind (wildlife included, animal must be in an area we can access)
  • Deceased domestic animals within approx. 24 hours of death

KCASE WILL NOT respond to the following animal reports:

  • Cats which are stray or unowned and free-roaming (Must be confined or live-trapped)
  • Nuisance wildlife that is healthy or live-trapped (Call a pest removal service)
  • Animal noise complaints (i.e., barking dogs - Call your local PD or Sheriff for a Noise Violation)
  • Deceased wildlife or roadkill
  • Deceased domestic animals which are decomposing or beyond ability to pick up

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Animal Sheltering

The KCASE shelter holds stray animals according to State and Local laws and ordinances.

Domestic animals are housed for 7 days if they came in without ID, or 10 days if the owner is known or the animal is identified via a pet ID tag, dog license, microchip or other form of identification.

Wildlife will be rehabilitated or euthanized as determined by KCASE staff depending on the severity of the illness/injury and the availability of a state licensed rehabilitator.

Exotic pets can be adopted on a case-by-case scenario to approved adopters. Exotic pets are not permitted in many areas of Kalamazoo County.

During the 7 or 10 day holding period, animals are held exclusively for the owner to reclaim them. If no owner comes forward, adoptable animals will be available to approved potential adopters for rehoming.

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Animal Services & Enforcement
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