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This is an exciting time for our staff and the citizens of Kalamazoo County as we watch many years of hope and dreams begin to become a reality just down the road from us!  Please continue to check back to this page to see the progress of our new shelter.  Photos will be updated weekly. 

UPDATE:  July 18th, 2019

The project is progressing to many of the final finishes.  Porcelain tile in the lobbies, adoption hallway, meeting room and the multipurpose room has been laid.  The metal trim should be finished up this week on the exterior of the building.  Floors receiving an epoxy flooring are being prepped and the epoxy should start to be applied this week.  All the doors are in place, most of the glass has been installed, and the building can finally be secured each night.  Door hardware is being installed and security cameras, exit signs, and cloud ceilings have been installed.  The generator was fired up last week and tested with no problems.  Some of the landscaping has been planted giving the outside a more finished look.   

Floor Plan

Anumal Shelter Floor Plan
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Photo Gallery

  • Aerial
  • Aerial West View
  • BG Storage & MDF Room
  • Dog Room
  • South View
  • West View Mechanical Room
  • West View
  •  Front Entrance South Side                North Entrance   Front Entrance  Front Office  Multipurpose Room  Hallway lights  Front Entrance, 6-23  Reception bulkhead, 6-23  Cat playroom, 6-23 Small Animals, 6-23  South side, 6-23    Multipurpose room  Adoption Hallway

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