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Tracie Moored
Tracie L. Moored

Tracie Moored joined Kalamazoo County Government in 2008 as Finance and Internal Services Director/Controller. Ms. Moored has a master's degree in business administration strategic management and a bachelor's degree in accounting.

As the County Internal Services Director, Moored addressed organizational issues and priorities, and provided recommendations to the County Administrator and the Board of Commissioners. She worked closely with internal directors to provide critical training, education, and mentoring.  She utilized visionary strategies to promote change and introduce organization restructuring to streamline operations and improve efficiencies.  Moored prepared and presented the County’s annual budget each year and received the Government Finance Officers Association  Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting. Standard & Poor’s raised Kalamazoo County’s AA bond rating in 2015, making Kalamazoo County one of only seven counties in the state with a AA+ rating.


The Administrator’s office is responsible for assisting the Board in meeting goals; developing annual budget recommendations; preparing agenda items for the Board of Commissioners; developing procedures to accompany Board policies; providing legal counsel in all legal County matters; coordinating the pursuit of the Board’s legislative agenda; and providing administrative support. In late 2014, the serving Kalamazoo County Administrator announced their resignation. A search was executed to fill the position, however the county was unsuccessful in finding a candidate.  By the fall of 2016 when it was evident a search to fill the position would leave the county without an administrator for another year, Moored decided to apply for the position.  On November 29, 2016, the Kalamazoo County Board of Commissioners voted to appoint Ms. Moored as County Administrator for a one-year contract.  

For the first six months in the new job, Moored focused on the strengths and weaknesses of the county's internal organization.  She felt the county was in need of a revitalized vision, along with improved communication between administrative staff and the Board of Commissioners. With that in mind, she coordinated the county’s first good governance presentation and developed a new strategic plan.  Moored introduced herself to the entire county staff through meetings with each department and established an annual county-wide, all employee engagement day. A county branding and monthly newsletter were developed, and transparency created through live streaming of the Committee of the Whole and Board of Commissioners meetings to enhance community awareness and engagement.  In June of 2017, Kalamazoo County elected officials unanimously voted to offer Administrator Moored a three-year contract extension.  

Moored has established herself as a key figure in Kalamazoo County Government, overseeing a multi-partner land swap in the west area of downtown Kalamazoo for a future County Services Building, negotiating a ten-year parking solution, launched work on building a new Animal Services facility, supported the move of the county Health & Community Services Department, refinanced bonds to save taxpayers $3 million, and completed a number of internal projects. In 2017, the county was presented the Silver Status award by the State of Michigan Veteran Affairs Agency as a recognized veteran friendly employer and is the only county in the state with the silver-level recognition.  The county was also the recipient of the Best and Brightest Award for it’s successful wellness program.

County Administrator Moored is “In the pursuit of extraordinary governance…” the County’s new tagline, and we look forward to more good things to come at Kalamazoo County Government.

Posted: Monday, August 20, 2018