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Kalamazoo County Government 2018 Successes & Accomplishments

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2018 Successes and Accomplishments at Kalamazoo County Government

Kalamazoo County Government’s mission states that “In the pursuit of extraordinary governance, [we] will provide equitable programs and excellent services to promote the health and safety of everyone in Kalamazoo County.”  On behalf of the Board of Commissioners, Administration, Elected Officials, the Courts and all of our employees, we are pleased to share with you some of the County’s successes in 2018:

  • Collaborated organizational and state support around the Indigent Defense Plan promoting an independent Public Defender office model
  • Collaborated with community partners to further extend the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail
  • Continued diligent efforts of Brownfield Projects:
    • Vicksburg Mill Transformational Plan
    • Stadium Parkway Redevelopment
  • Fostered the design phase of the Animal Services building and began construction
  • Garnered impactful scholarship opportunity for all employees and dependents
  • Finalized negotiations of a land swap development that fosters:
    • Economic development within the Downtown area
    • Consolidated parking and county services
    • County options for future development
    • Commitment to employees’ workspace
  • Fostered audit of ADA requirements within Kalamazoo County Administration Building to verify compliance
  • Negotiated 10-year parking solution
  • Promoted the Trauma Informed Organization Implementation Plan
  • Created Advisory Board Guidelines
  • Launched the Kalamazoo County Government Outstanding Customer Service Award to bring awareness to the foundation of customer service
  • Produced first Citizen’s Guide to Budget Document to keep residents informed about the County budget
  • Facilitated first Resident Budget survey for use with the 2019 Budget process
  • Presented a balanced 2019 operational budget
  • Relocated the Health and Community Service Department to better serve the community
  • Enhanced resources to Senior Citizens within Kalamazoo County
  • Adopted a County Wide Master Plan
  • Strategically navigated a County water emergency to ensure the protection of health, safety and well-being of our residents
  • Approved the county’s first consultant to develop our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

These are but a few of the significant achievements that have taken place during this year.  While there have been challenges faced throughout the year, they should not overshadow the exemplary work that has been accomplished. Therefore, we would like to take this time to recognize the hard work and commitment of our dedicated employees, who enable us to put our mission in action.

As we move into 2019, we look forward to additional opportunities to pursue extraordinary governance within Kalamazoo County Government. And, we look forward to continued collaboration between the Board of Commissioners, Administration, Elected Officials, the Courts and all of our employees.

In Service,

Chairwoman, Stephanie Moore

Administrator, Tracie Moored

Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2018