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2019 State of the County Address

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On Thursday, August 22nd, Kalamazoo County Board Chair Julie Rogers,  Vice Chair Tracy Hall, and County Administrator Tracie Moored presented a State of Kalamazoo County address held at the Health and Community Services Department at 311 E. Alcott Street

Highlights included the $5 million grant awarded to the Healthy Babies Healthy Start program to improve pregnancy outcomes and reduce disparities.  Chair Rogers also featured some of Kalamazoo County Government’s efforts of criminal justice reform, including the opening of the new Public Defender office, relaunch of the Kalamazoo Criminal Justice Council, and ongoing efforts towards reducing the number of young adults in the county jail. 

The new Animal Services complex was also showcased. It will open later this fall next to the current facility on Lamont Street. An outdoor dog run, separate HVAC for ill animals, and extended hours are some of the new features.

“Overall, I am very proud of the extraordinary services and programs offered at Kalamazoo County and the hard work of our staff,” stated Chair Rogers.  “Our state of the county is quite healthy, but there is more work to do!” 

Vice Chair Tracy Hall said, “It’s humbling to be a small part of Kalamazoo County Government and having the opportunity to see the hard work of staff progress into things that help to make Kalamazoo an even better place to live and work.” 

Posted: Thursday, August 22, 2019