Board of Commissioners

Environmental Health Advisory Council

Township Representative

The Environmental Health Advisory Council (EHAC) serves as an informed advocacy body and sounding board for matters of policy that affect the lives of citizens who need environmental health services.  In addition, it advises the County Board of Commis­sioners on environ­men­tal matters.  Appointments are made for three-year terms of office.  Meeting dates, time, and location are posted on the County’s Public Meeting Notice page.

Contact:  Lucus Pols 269-373-5356 or by email.

Board Members Term Expiration
Michael Boersma (Road Commission Rep.)12/31/2025
Lisa Brayton ((City of Portage Rep))12/31/2023
Malissa Drzick (City of Kalamazoo)12/31/2024
Sellers Fred (Citizen at Large)12/31/2023
Jeff Heppler (Alternate)Commissioner
Kristi Lloyd12/31/2024
Tracy Lynn12/31/2025
Julie Pioch (MSU)12/31/2024
Lucus PolsContinuous
Elizabeth Rochow (Conservation District)12/31/2024
Jeff Sorensen (Township)12/31/2024
Bionca Stewart (Citizen at Large)12/31/2025
Jen Strebs (Commissioner)Commissioner
Vacant (Township)12/31/2023
Jason Wiersma (Drain Commissioner)12/31/2024
Dan Wood (Business)12/31/2024

Further information can be obtained by calling the Board of Commissioners Office at 269-384-8111.