Board of Commissioners

Older Adult Services Advisory Council

The Older Adult Services Advisory Council's primary function is to act in an advisory capacity to the County Board of Commissioners through the Health & Community Services Department related to the provision of services to the senior population of the Kalamazoo community.  Membership requirements state that half the members must be age 60 or over, and other members may represent a nutrition provider, social service provider, a local elected official and general public.  Appointments are made for three-year terms of office.   Meeting dates, time, and location are posted on the County’s Public Meeting Notice page.

Contact: Don Saldia 269-373-5187 or by email.

Board Members Term Expiration
Doreen Gardner (Over 60)12/31/2025
ReElla Burrell (General Public)12/31/2023
Ruth Bates-Hill (Over 60)12/31/2024
Ann Brissette (General Public)12/31/2024
Tim Charron (Over 60)12/31/2025
Danna Downing (Over 60)12/31/2025
Abigail Finn (General Public)12/31/2023
Angela Groves (General Public)12/31/2024
Dr. Margaret Hale-Smith (Over 60)12/31/2023
Richard Kline (Nutritionist)12/31/2023
Kimberly Middleton (Over 60)12/31/2023
Kelly Quardokus (General Public)12/31/2025
Stan Runyon (Over 60)12/31/2024
Wendy MazerCommissioner
John Gisler (Alternate)Commissioner

Further information can be obtained by calling the Board of Commissioners Office at 269-384-8111.