Board of Commissioners

Animal Services & Enforcement Advisory Board

The Animal Services and Enforcement Advisory Board provides advice on animal control issues to the Animal Services Department and Board of Commissioners. Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of the month at Animal Services. at Animal Services & Enforcement, 2500 Lake Street. Contact: Director of Animal Services Stephen Lawrence (269) 383-8771 or email.

Board Members Term Expiration
Roger TuinerCommissioner
Tracy HallCommissioner (Alt)
Dr. Turnera Croom (Veterinarian)12/31/2023
Susan Brodasky (Animal Welfare Member)12/31/2022
Susan Chapman (General Public)12/31/2023
Kelly Doyle (General Public)12/31/2023
Janet Karpus (Policy)12/31/2023
Steve Lawrence (Staff Liaison)Continuous
Sarah Mead (General Public)12/31/2023
Abbey Thompson (General Public)12/31/2023
Aaron Winters (KHS Member)12/31/2023

Further information can be obtained by calling the Board of Commissioners Office at 269-384-8111.