Board of Commissioners

Veterans Affairs Committee

The Veterans Affairs Committee is responsible for administering the County Veteran Service Office which coordinates and administers benefits to veterans. Minimum requirements include:   demonstrated knowledge, skills, and experience in public service, business or finance.  In addition, it is anticipated that members of the committee will be willing to learn legal principals associated with the delivery of benefits to veterans. They should also have or develop familiarity with other V.A., County, and non-governmental programs that aid veterans, and should be willing to engage in outreach to veteran and community organizations. Appointments are made for four-year terms of office.  Meeting dates, time, and location are posted on the County’s Public Meeting Notice page.

Contact Lauren King:  269-373-5361 or by email.

Board Members Term Expiration
Waverly Bell12/31/2023
Dale DeleeuwCommissioner
Michael Fry12/31/2023
Arthur Harris12/31/2025
Robert Hencken12/31/2024
James Jeakle12/31/2025
Toni Kennedy12/31/2022

Further information can be obtained by calling the Board of Commissioners Office at 269-384-8111.