Board of Commissioners

Board of County Canvassers

Board Members and Meeting Information

The Board of County Canvassers is comprised of two Democrats and two Republicans appointed by the Board of Commissioners according to State Law to alternating four-year terms. Canvassers are responsible for certification of election returns for all national, state, local and school offices and proposals. The Board is also responsible for conducting recounts for all units of government in the County. The Office of the County Clerk provides administrative support.

Contact: Meredith Place, County Clerk & Register of Deeds at 269-384-8141 or by email.

Board Members Term Expiration
Frances Brown (R)10/31/2023
Wendy Flora (D)10/31/2023
R. Vincent Lavieri (D)10/31/2025
Tony Lorentz (R)10/31/2025