Board of Commissioners

Larry Provancher County Identification Program Advisory Board

The Kalamazoo County Identification Program Advisory Board assists in providing general oversight of the County ID Program, established by the Board of Commissioners in 2017.  The Advisory Board will provide evaluations of the ID program, reporting to the Board of Commissioners at regular intervals.  Appointments are made for three-year terms of office. Meeting dates, time, and location are posted on the County’s Public Meeting Notice page.

Contact:  Meredith Place, County Clerk & Register of Deeds at 269-384-8141 or by email.

Board Members Term Expiration
Meredith Place (Clerk, Staff Liaison)Continuous
Richard Fuller (Sheriff)12/31/2024
Jen Strebs (Commissioner)12/31/2024
Charmelle Abdullah12/31/2023
Tiffany Burns12/31/2023
Catherine Hurley12/31/2025
Melody Woods12/31/2024
Michael Sanford12/31/2025
Edie Trent12/31/2024
Adrian Vazquez12/31/2023
Francisco Villegas12/31/2024
Monteze Morales (Alternate, Commissioner Liaison)12/31/2024