Board of Commissioners

Solid Waste Management Planning Committee


Solid Waste Management Plan – 2021 Amendments 1 and 2

The Solid Waste Management Planning Committee (SWMPC) reviews and approves proposed amendments to the County Solid Waste Management Plan or recommends other possible updates and amendments to the Plan.  Appointments are made for three-year terms of office in the following represen­tation categories:  Regional Solid Waste Planning Agency, solid waste management industry, general public, county, city and township governments, environmental interest groups, and industrial waste generator. Meeting dates, time, and location are posted on the County’s Public Meeting Notice page.

Contact:  Rachael Grover 384-8115 or by email.

Board Members Term Expiration
Lee Adams (Regional Solid Waste Plan. Agency)9/30/2023
John Gisler (alt) (County Government)9/30/2024
Teresa Johnson (City Government)9/30/2023
Chandler Lyons (General Public)9/30/2023
Wendy Mazer (County Government)9/30/2024
Roxanne Myles (General Public)9/30/2023
Michael O'Rourke (Solid Waste Management)9/30/2023
Chris Phillips (Solid Waste Management)9/30/2023
Jeff Sorensen (Township Government)9/30/2023
Steve Taplin (Solid Waste Management)9/30/2023
Vacant (Solid Waste Management)9/30/2023
Chad Visser (General Public)9/30/2023
Andy Wichman (Industrial Waste Generator)9/30/2023
Sarah Hill (Environmental Interest Groups)9/30/2023
VACANCY (Environmental Interest Groups)9/30/2023

Further information can be obtained by calling the Board of Commissioners Office at 269-384-8111.