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Individuals looking for a copy of their latest deed can contact our office and staff will look the deed up for you for a $5.00 search fee per property and $1.00 per page/image of the document.  Documents can be certified for an additional $5.00 fee. We cannot provide in-depth title searches or abstracts, including easements, right of ways, or mineral rights; you will have to contact a title company for these searches.

If you are comfortable searching yourself, you can come into the County Administration Building and use the Register of Deeds Public Workstations to search by Grantor/Grantee. Searches done at these workstations are free; there is only a $1.00 fee per page for prints.

Deeds Search

Deeds Search is a basic search platform for infrequent searchers to search recorded documents by Name, Date Range, Liber/Page, Document #, or Parcel #. There is no fee to search the Kalamazoo County Register of Deeds index database. There is a charge of $1.00/page plus a processing fee to view, print or save documents.

Click here to search property records using Deeds Search.


Tapestry is a web-based search service that allows users to search land records and index information. This service has a $8.75 fee per search and is ideal for one-time or casual searching. Copies of images have the standard $1.00 per page fee. Click here to search property records using Tapestry.


Laredo is a downloadable program that allows users to search land records for a monthly fee. This service is ideal for regular or professional searching. Click here to download a Laredo Agreement form and return it to the Kalamazoo County Register of Deeds office or email to set up an account.

Click here to register for Free Laredo training webinars.

Click here for some Quick Tips on using Laredo.

Click here for access to a Laredo Anywhere user’s manual.

If you are having problems using Tapestry or Laredo or would like assistance learning the programs please call the Fidlar Support Team (M-F 8:00 am-7:00pm) at 563-345-1283 or email

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