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Effective January 1, 2021, due to COVID-19 the Kalamazoo County Clerk / Register of Deeds office is closed to the public upon further notice. Limited in-person services are available by appointment only; all other services can be completed online or by mail.

Campaign Finance Records Search
Campaign Finance Records Search

In an effort to provide more transparency in local elections, Kalamazoo County has contracted with CampaignFinanceUS to provide campaign finance reports online.

Campaign Finance Report Filing Dates

For the Public

All candidates and office holders in Kalamazoo County (with few exceptions) are required to file at least a Statement of Organization, which is a form that creates the campaign committee. If the candidate does not expect to receive or spend more than $1,000 during an election cycle, they indicate this on the form and are not required to file any further campaign statements. Statements of Organization may be amended at any time when circumstances warrant.

All current and active campaign committees' campaign finance forms are available to be reviewed at any time online free of charge. Campaign Finance Reports can also be printed at no charge.

We will do our best to place newly filed reports online within 2-3 days of receipt. If you have questions regarding campaign finance reporting at the local level, please contact us at or 269-384-8080.

For Candidates

When someone begins actively campaigning or collecting or spending money towards a campaign, they have become a candidate. This is whether or not the individual has actually filed petitions or an affidavit with the clerk.

New candidates are required to file a Statement of Organization with the County Clerk within 20 days of becoming a candidate.

According to State Law, the following are the timelines for campaign finance reporting:

Pre-election Statement:

The timeframe of the report begins with the day one becomes a candidate and goes to 16 days prior to the election (always a Sunday). This is known as the "close of books".

The Pre-election Campaign Statement is filed with the County Clerk before the close of business on the 11th day prior to the election (always a Friday).

Post-election Statement:

The timeframe of the report begins with the day after the "close of books" for the Pre-election Statement and goes to the 20th day after the election, always a Monday.

The Post-election campaign statement is filed with the County Clerk by the close of business on the 30th day after the election, always a Thursday.

Quarterly Campaign Statements

Michigan Law was recently changed to require quarterly campaign statements for all candidates not "waivered" (not spending or receiving more than $1,000 or having less than $1,000 in the campaign account) and not appearing on the ballot that year.

For example, candidates who plan to run for election in 2018 are not required to file quarterly reports in 2016. However, if the campaign funds exceed $1,000 (whether fundraising is done or not), quarterly reports would be required in 2017.

The schedule is as follows:

July Close of Books: July 20
Report Filed: July 25
October Close of Books: October 20
Report Filed: October 25

Here is the link to the section of the Campaign Finance Act regarding campaign statements.

Training for Candidates and Treasurers

Training for new or experienced candidates and their treasurers is being planned for 2018. At this point, we are planning to have 2 trainings - one in late May and one in late August or early September. Candidates will be notified of these trainings.

Information for candidates

There is much information available online to assist candidates and campaign treasurers in the reporting process. Here are links to information on the Bureau of Elections website:

Statement of Organization

Candidate Committee Instructions and Forms

Campaign Finance Act 1976 PA 388

Information for Ballot Question and Independent Committees

Statement of Organization (Ballot Question)

Ballot Question Committee Instructions and Forms

Statement of Organization (Independent Committee)

Independent Committee Instructions and Forms