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August 2, 2022 Primary Election

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Representative in State Legislature 40th District (Democratic Party)

# Reg. VotersPoll Book TotalsTurnout %Christine MorseTotal Write-in
Oshtemo Charter Township, Precinct 2254480331.56%210106316011
Oshtemo Charter Township, Precinct 3150062841.87%26272334000
Oshtemo Charter Township, Precinct 4176856932.18%23870308000
Oshtemo Charter Township, Precinct 5188924212.81%9540135000
Oshtemo Charter Township, Precinct 6165250930.81%20543248000
Oshtemo Charter Township, Precinct 7159550531.66%19758255000
Oshtemo Charter Township, Precinct 8116426422.68%10134135000
Oshtemo Charter Township, Precinct 9238062026.05%24280322000
Oshtemo Charter Township, Precinct 1088930434.20%9536131000
Texas Charter Township, Precinct 1210172234.36%15480234000
Texas Charter Township, Precinct 2190868035.64%15186237000
Texas Charter Township, Precinct 3176253830.53%22154275000
Texas Charter Township, Precinct 4259074028.57%21497311000
Texas Charter Township, Precinct 5223087139.06%28376359000
Texas Charter Township, Precinct 6239692338.52%225102327000
Kalamazoo City, Precinct 25140655039.12%217147364011
Kalamazoo City, Precinct 26162362938.76%279141420101
Portage City, Precinct 1158946329.14%19256248202
Portage City, Precinct 2161526516.41%224000
Portage City, Precinct 3191363833.35%24852300101
Portage City, Precinct 4172359934.76%16144205000
Portage City, Precinct 5182856630.96%18175256000
Portage City, Precinct 6186062933.82%18257239000
Portage City, Precinct 7131822216.84%8040120000
Portage City, Precinct 8233482935.52%281122403101
Portage City, Precinct 9218558326.68%196110306000
Portage City, Precinct 10194065233.61%19762259000
Portage City, Precinct 11220466830.31%N/A360360N/A00
Portage City, Precinct 12175674342.31%30645351000
Portage City, Precinct 13244671029.03%24396339101
Portage City, Precinct 14191857229.82%184102286011
Portage City, Precinct 15179347126.27%16566231000
Portage City, Precinct 16232459925.77%21575290000
Portage City, Precinct 17177967537.94%19861259000
Portage City, Precinct 18223473132.72%25592347000
Portage City, Precinct 19176749728.13%16786253000

N/A indicates AV (Absentee) results are included in Elecion Day results

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