9th Judicial Circuit Court


The following information is made available to give the reader general information and a general understanding of Adoption proceedings and court requirements. The information presented on this website is not legal advice and any legal questions should be presented to an attorney of your choosing. Please remember that Court Staff is unable to provide legal advice.

Adoption petitions are processed by the Adoption Department, which is a division of the Kalamazoo County 9th Judicial Circuit Court. Adoption files are non-public and processed with the highest level of confidentiality.

For more information, please contact the Adoption Case Manager and Coordinator at 269-385-6041 or by emailing Checklists are available upon request.

General Guidelines/Information:

  • The petitioners and/or the adoptee must be a resident of Kalamazoo County.  Note: this does not apply to State Ward/MCI adoptions.
  • Filing Fees must be paid in full at the time the Petition is submitted. They can be paid by cash, check, or money order payable to 9th Circuit Court.
  • Photocopy of documents is not permitted. You must submit the original documents or a scanned copy.
  • All adoption filings can be mailed or hand-delivered to:

    9th Circuit Court
    1536 Gull Road
    Kalamazoo, MI 49048


  • Filing Fee - $190.00
  • Subsequent motions and petitions - $20.00
  • Home Study Fee - $200.00
  • Birth Certificate Fee:
    • $50.00 check or money order payable to the State of Michigan – NOTE: this only applies for children born in Michigan.
  • Petition for Adoption Information and Order – Order of Adoption – Closed File: $35.00
  • Petition for Adoption Information and Order – Identifying or Non-Identifying Information – $60.00
  • Petition for Appointment of Confidential Intermediary - $20.00

Types of Adoptions:
PLEASE NOTE: Additional information/documentation could be requested in addition to the information listed below.