9th Judicial Circuit Court

Step Parent Adoption Process

This is meant to be an outline to answer frequently asked questions regarding the step parent adoption process. Court personnel cannot give legal advice.

All petitions are filed at the 9th Circuit Court - Family Division, 1536 Gull Road, Kalamazoo, MI 49048

  1. Fees
    1. $150.00 filing fee for the initial petition (per child)
    2. $15.00 fee for certified copy of adoption order (due when petition filed)
    3. $25.00 fee for electronic filing system
    4. $50.00 fee for Michigan birth certificate (payable and forwarded to Vital Records)
  2. Documents required at the time of filing the adoption petition:
    1. a certified copy of the adoptee's birth certificate.
    2. a certified or true copy of any affidavit of parentage, divorce decree and/or support order (including any modifications).
    3. if the biological parent is deceased, a certified copy of the death certificate
    4. all filing fees paid at the time of filing.
    5. Petition for Adoption for Step/Relative Adoption.
    6. Record Check Release form completed by adopting parent.
  3. Requirements for filing a petition:
    1. You must be a resident of Kalamazoo County.
    2. You must be married to the legal/biological parent of the adoptee (you are both considered the petitioners) for a minimum of one year.
  4. Consent:
    1. The consent of the non-custodial parent is required. You must determine if the non-custodial parent will consent.
    2. If the noncustodial parent does not consent, it is strongly encouraged that an attorney be obtained to complete the adoption process.
    3. The consent of the adoptee is required if the adoptee is 14 years of age or older.
  5. Investigation:
    1. After filing the petition, the judge will sign an Order for Investigation and you will be contacted by a court agent. The court agent has up to three months to complete the investigation.

For more information, call 269 269-385-6041 or email.